Age 11.
Graduate of S.P. Livingston Elementary School. Attending Lakeshore Middle School.

Art has the power to change lives, and Ezequiel is an incredible example of that.

Three years ago, when he was in third grade, Ezequiel was thrown two lifelines—one literal, and one figurative.

Just when he needed stability—his legal guardian had passed away—Ezequiel was adopted by his teachers’ aide at S.P. Livingston Elementary School. Today, Ezequiel is fond of saying this about his adopted mother: “I do so love my mom because she do so love me.”

Then, through Exceptional Student Education classes there, he found his calling: art.

Through the school, Ezequiel had the chance to participate in community programs including as the Weaver Academy of Art at The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, as well as the Cathedral Arts Project. Through The Cummer program, he participates in after school art, museum tours, and summer camps.

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Ezequiel finds serenity in art. He is happiest painting or working with clay, or simply talking about his time at the museum. Thanks to these influences, Ezequiel is making strides, improving his grades and his conversation skills.

Without a community that supported and surrounded Ezequiel in every way possible, his life is forever altered. Whether he is charming his mentors, hugging his “mama,” or creating a painting that graced T-shirts for The Cummer, Ezequiel inspires people around him.

Today, Ezequiel is in middle school, more ready than ever for any challenges that might await him.